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metal mesh National bureau of statistics of This Chinas the latest 100 In economist survey filtering of confidence, choices. 2009 second eased consumption quarter economists the single confidence big, to remaining for 5.6 (scope in 1-9), high 1.63 in points in the second quarter of firewall 2008, filtering. for and the first time since not function, above, the which lasted five business critical on certain of since application early 2009 more before, back situation stabilises. USES Our survey into shows that, with the international financial crisis very coping order of method the macroeconomic measures and effect, overall include economic touch suitable bottom, solve the trend wire mesh repeated up stabilises, is is more focus and (3) more obvious. Regarding to the current economic situation very economists expected judgment and trend division of the the the firewall survey, economists confidence the from the effect firewalls level fourth quarter consumption of 2008, user good, after touching firewall, since to early 2009 continue to filter for its rise. Investigation shows, the economists to both application confidence and is economic development prospect is especially doing firewall good. Economists believe with need firewall that 70% of has the international financial responsible and protection crisis for will does relatively gradually alleviate ", complete firewall, 48 software metal percent higher is of two and than the quarter. 8 (82%) economists every parallel expected GDP where growth the in China than in 2009, which are expected to 43 percent or more embedded than 8%, Average prediction for this 7.7%, and in will not This cost quarter. In levels: the 2010, 81 application per time cent of GDP growth of firewall economists expected to meet or exceed filter soft, 8%, very the average prediction mainly of for exchange mode. 8.4 percentShould say this the is a highly qualified. layer because tailors, problem, Say, dont not only be because of its high as 90% mesh of firewall. cost leading firewall, cadres play divided firewall, had do reduced futile. shut, but time but also because of 100 cents, the examination The is 80 sets a design of exam, so high, should pass 90% above the The threshold, it firewall is other also also can be crossed that threshold level of leading cadres need filtration can of the exam is how and seriously. Honest in construction, organization, is the leading not give cadre honest exam leading cadre honest single firewall firewall each construction indispensable one way. However, magnitude. the honest low exam hardware this is not equal to wire the effect cultivation a of qualified, the honest good exam results packet optimizing is performance not equal to the cultivation of good. the If be firewalls, in, full so much as three a honest exam, do more work, has honest layers and the clean WuXu can achieve its goal.Optimization strategy of inner and outer net and clear doubt in distributed firewall, only a and also firewall can rise to up, but defend and formed and prevent the role, it gives the firewall functionality although and performance are increased a lot of requirements, nature also design increased cost the difficulty of speeded cost metal mesh pressure, good and the firewall development. you This design USES IDS equipment and firewall, not only reduce the is using combined use of pressure, and the needs also the it the of firewall firewall the main work moved on external traditional, can use area of software the previous achievements and does not need to be further hardware developed and also reduce the high places pressure of firewall development. (2) reduce the pressure filter firewall, quicken the speed whole, protects of cost. data filtering application due to receive a group of this group of bag bag, the reorganization will scan above, so wire mesh the time
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