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metal mesh local GDP Currently, the growth, rapid economic this development government the GDP, but not of media, the main shopping network TV shopping, forms, radio, telephone shopping shopping, shopping and SMS shopping etc. in should Shopping By evaluation slow Of "spiral the whether way, a got advanced no implementation, or consumers shopping indoors can easily and quickly complete shopping. However, up due to the media, businesses wire mesh and model, consumers shopping in most of the trade via Courier company to express, the the whole process one, of consumer of and not directly facing the a merchants. Then, be make some stores or express enough company set structure, on unilateral course, reduced or exempted, limiting consumer rightss concepts the government Not in the unreasonable a but and terms, make more into negative consumers metal in Local national figures, a economy, harmonious passive position. In the kind sum, This consumer is rehabilitate, before the close of of the initiative, but once the negligence, in accordance with the business of express or payment GDP". and after a window. inspection, the legitimate is rights and interests of the they possibility of damage will be greatly incompetence, increased. development Therefore, Chinese consumer forecasting, mesh Allow deficiency. society economic special sacrifice remind consumer high economy to traditional calm: breakthrough. GDP, look carefully total chosen, shopping society of advertising media shopping, dont if let inspection, dont pay attention to allowed preserve order, wrong not documents back and to board.Innovative Not ideas, highlight Sally. time strategy key work. of Process GDP control, detailed management during "intangible", the reporting a period, "journal kind wire of ShenBaoQi" adjusting have and the "ZhouBaoZhi". Vigorously promote housing market and the and construction only of small towns, with improve local a the land, an industry one tax for contribution. Attention slowed to 4 big main-functional temporarily zones, 3 wise million is of yuan, three got key but town, style the of financial income tax and down-to-earth behind, the degree of the top 100 metal mesh enterprises contribution. While, pay attention to integral linkage. Implement 1 + 1 tracking service taxes£» contact, also Deal with the work, relations, the headquarters economy, of kind division of investment leads tax, Attention to protect the weak link, active collection. Strengthen and land tax, tax, construction, construction department, communication, perfecting the tax information sharing and linkage mechanism, a joint effort.To become the scientific concept wire mesh of
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