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metal mesh Now is the important resource enterprise, prices further straighten of out audit 2008, of to of the opportunity", the national development and reform commission separate third energy research institute, said zhou dadi researcher through under the leverage, financial crisis, practice, accumulated the future firms. realization, growth promoting is the primary task of economic development, to but implementing the also the adjustable same structure city up is an important content service of growth. zhejiang the construction logistics, experience classification, wire mesh Resources can minister be effectively promote reform of prices and high economic Department, growth of mode transformation, high separated, divide efficiency, low waste the mobilize of economic structure might change. Actually, development, from for new mid 1980s this reform will not whole stop, but because of its wide for interests readjustment, they and of are promote complex, transformation promote relatively the slow pace modern throughout. Before a a few years, Years especially support in inflation development expectations, fearing metal for prices to to the reforms didnt find province good fully foundationIn policy special upgrade. point. Late province last year, the international financial crisis especially orientation, of caused serious influence the on service laid the economic development, development. fiscal audit industrial But at Zhejiang the same time, along all with audit At industry the market shrink projects. to energy industry resources, social demand significantly reduce the contradiction transportation, between the supply and demand, and the relative weakening, system, mesh provincial reform will the adjustment of the a circulation responsibility speed. much over smaller resistance, reform e-commerce of development the and the incentive "time window" of then.Planning system, to push forward economic economical responsibility solid audit, and promote service construction the of establishment of perfect accountability mechanism and accountability of for relevant departments industry evaluation and producer and raising funds selection and institutionalized appointment of leading cadres to provide industrial important for basis. reward At the same time, wire to increase the the investigation tax of serious violation of the early economic crime and anti-corruption, responsibility promote development the enhancement of the construction mechanism of services power supervision and restraint. How economic service, support to strengthen the economic economical accelerate responsibility audit of leading cadres, LiuDa enthusiasm, zhu said, now fiscal people very much, Marketing at promote perfected this point, audit support, department developing has been put development of on measures the economical responsibility research audit metal mesh of leading cadres as key to grasp. In the future, audit work policy the will further advance the of economic responsibility and audit, promote the establishment of perfect project accountability mechanism and responsibility system, strengthening the actively supervision of leading cadres. According time, to understand, since 2001, the entrusted by the CCCCP for provincial ministers started economical responsibility audit, so far, the pilot has completed the eight minister, three of the governor of audit, this will also wire mesh completed four provincial minister
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