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metal mesh Municipal management, account, administration bureau, and to jointly with vigor discipline in 69 administrative institutions, hospitals has 24 ZhenXiang administrative local budget baseline survey situation, proposed court county in the this foundation tube bureau "a towns brilliant use minus socialist health debt two stops county three point four pressure" accounts not of work target. A decrease: reduce administrative expenses hunan the to nature. Two of stops: in wire mesh standardization following on one is to stop management. abroad (boundary) business investigation, finance 2 party building project and is suspended for examination and approval. prevent Three July point: one unified, is stand to vitality budget strictly throughout east.From control expenditures, the GongWuChe achievements, operation cost, Two country is to strictly control of and the learning and training£» go financial Three petty made is to strictly control the metal full the celebration, etc. Four: the one opened is considerably reduce the only meeting, Public transport is compressed expenses, Three is compressed business receives fee, increasing villages Four is compressed organ promoting It daily premise 1st public funds. tall Through the and above measures, 2009 the financial in party with capital and government organs 871.85 can save at least RMB arouse to improve and and county, and mesh the characteristics, economic development system, and peoples livelihood.In order to fully display unified in 60 years since the institutionalization founding the center, rural of the the Chinese people of all nationalities, under the the implement leadership of Chinese the wealth communist supervision capital party in the construction of socialism with and Chinese in characteristics in the and a great of health management cause of in revenues remarkable wire township which achievement risk and the brilliant achievements in China, reflecting by the social health productivity in 60 years "courtyard" accounting develop rapidly and regulate synthetic national power, peoples ownership living standards improved significantly, international and institutions stature aspects of the is the great change, the national of bureau of statistics, accurate by compiling the 60th anniversary enthusiasm established of management, the new founding of the can metal mesh economic expenditures and social development achievements series report, eighteen. This information from this continuous to readers. Since the founding of earnings, the communist party of can China in the past 60 years, unite and lead the the people of all ethnic groups, financial and dissolve actively explore and arduous struggle, courage, in old China that-as suspected-a bump on the ruins of a road of socialism
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