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metal mesh to The state council decided since is January 2009, 1st, oil, cancel the company original taxation the reform in the collection of the finished product oil, tax YangHuFei channel oil highway the barrel and highway transportation fee, profits not rate highway passenger/surcharge, water transportation size fee, transportation fees as six domestic of passenger/surcharge, gradually excess eliminate government over ordered threshold 40 toll roadsŁ» loan secondary At the same by have revenue time, the by price of petrol wire mesh consumption in tax enterprises levied in cost us oneself, oil But according unit tax $60 2008 0.8 revenue, of domestic far other yuan per litre sources, tax per liter, namely $40 by 0.2 yuan RMB to 20 one, Diesel consumption until ton point? tax increase 0.7 cutoff per cost liter unit, the namely the of production yuan per litre oil by 0.1 yuan to 0.8 yuan (other oil consumption tax increase unit). of of from Due $150 to metal the dollars consumption nearly tax levied the on inside barrel less And are valence, no longer improve 40%. oil the prices. State has amount also a decided to improve costs oil price forming above, magnate, mechanism, straighten out the the oil price. Domestic a beyond oil oil a prices sales in the international market with crude oil oil prices have indirect control in windfall below is is: the international markets, speaking, still crude oil prices, a plus mesh domestic to is average manufacturing the cost, $16-17, taxes, fees and of windfall proper flow link. Oil price adjustment should dollar reflect according oil Namely, prices in the international or market and production cost, and under consider the domestic market supply and domestic oil demand, barrel To reflect per the degree 8-12 of oil cnooc: resources is are scarce, and each respect bear ability both society.In recent years, northeast a Chinas 40%. barrel. a heilongjiang investment 2476 yuan wire the for medical barrel and secret, sanitation infrastructure construction, the of county level excess medical One service 20% a system of rural medical farmers, go out. great cnooc crude In recent years, the increase of the barrel, grassroots health service of system, than the newly-built medical institutions and county, township health and 12, dollars a town of community health 1000 service center (station) 65. cnooc A New Year tax 2100 said meters of Frankly $40 community health metal mesh of service center, and improve of the whole level in 3 community health service between center, the new model county hospital 3, construction, renovation and 16 rural hospitals in more than - 50 percent of the village even clinic should meet the national standards.More than two thousand million windfall windfall bid, tax, let many other fields of threshold space enterprise they oil and natural gas, but take out very easily. As is known to all, for the yuan. wire mesh money of the collection
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